New York improv team: Bamuel Seckett

Bamuel Seckett is a living homage to both Theatre of the Absurd and dyslexia, each of which shaped the team's early development in profound ways. At the Improvisation Forum of Geneva in 2008, Bamuel Seckett was awarded the Golden Viola for Outstanding New Troupe. In 2009, at the legendary 37th Annual Klossenstein Foundation Memorial Dinner, Bamuel Seckett did a Harold off of the suggestion "Foie Gras" that inspired attendees to build a school for the blind. From 2010-2015, the team took a much-publicized spiritual hiatus. The team voluntarily scattered to different continents and each player lived off-the-grid for a strict five-year period. At the reunion show, a bolt of lightning is said to have shut down power on a perfect blackout line. The audience was too moved to applaud, so everyone in the theater exchanged hugs and compliments.